Sat: Long Run

I did my first long run today. Four miles. My target time for the half-marathon is two hours, and I am following a training schedule I set up for myself. I was super sore after my workout yesterday. I should stretch more after my run. I do stretch after a warmup, but I often forget to stretch after.  My mom let me use her Garmin GPS for my run today.  It marks your pace every mile and shows how far you went and where and even elevation stats. I marked out today’s run on Map My Run, so I could plan out a four mile run.  My mom had already left on her run, so she wasn’t around to tell me that I had planned to run up a mega hill.  It’s good to practice hills, but not that one so soon into training.  That’s why my pace on mile 2 was slower, because I slowed down to walk up the hill.  Mile four was slower because my legs were giving out.

Time 44:17 Mile 1 9:56
Distance 3.98 mi Mile 2 12:11
Best Pace 5:42 Mile 3 10:20
Average Pace 11:07 Mile 4 12:02

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