Sports Binder

My parents and I are going on a backpacking trip this week.  When you’re backpacking, it’s a pretty bad idea to bind, with all that weight on your shoulders and back and the need for full lung capacity.  The last time I backpacked, it was a solo trip.  I didn’t care so much.  It was like when I’m in my room alone.  Without the pressure on my chest, all I have to do is not look down or into mirrors, and I can mostly completely ignore it.  I was trying to anticipate how I would feel on this trip with my parents.  I mean, it’s not like they’ll change their perception of me.  They’ve seen me wear way more girly things than a sports bra.  I have also found that I am okay with running in a sports bra.  There’s no way that I could run binding.  I have enough breathing problems as it is.

While I was thinking about this, I said in my head “sports binder” instead of “sports bra.”  I realized that with this perception switch, I feel totally fine about not wearing my usual binder during a camping trip.  I also realized, that that’s really what a sports bra is.  It does bind down a little, but appropriate for sports.  Just like a regular bra is not appropriate for sports, but for different reasons.

Instead of doing something potentially harmful — completely binding while backpacking — I did what I was going to do, but with a perception change.


I think this was prompted by something my mom did when she was helping me pack.  She was going through some of our camping clothes.  She holds up a sports bra and says, “Do you need any of these things?”  She didn’t want to refer to me wearing a bra.  She knew that it was something I might need, but she didn’t want to say “bra.”  I thought then, “What else would you call it?”


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