This little guy was sitting on the edge of the tub in the hotel bathroom. I don’t know if it’s standard, or we’re just special. 🙂

Seems like it took forever to get out of the house today, but we did finally.  Then it took us like twenty minutes to leave the city.  We have to turn left at a stoplight that seems to always been red.  I read Shadow of the Hegemon (my current Orson Scott Card book) at the beginning, and then slept the rest of the way.  We’re at the Hampton, my favorite of the Hilton hotels.  We went out to eat at a place called Gulliver’s, like Gulliver’s Travels.  It had great atmosphere.  Though the food left a little to be desired.  There’s not much you can eat at a restaurant when you’re vegetarian.  I would hate to be vegan trying to eat at a restaurant.  And the school dining hall’s salad bar could run circles around the restaurants’.

Afterward we walked around this little park my dad found.  It was really pleasant.  We then bought nut brownies at a grocery store for dessert.  We watched the movie Panic back at the hotel.  It’s kind of weird.  We didn’t get that far into it, but the girl in the movie is really hot.  I dunno.


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