Upcoming Backpacking Trip

We’re heading out on our trip in just a little bit. I still need to hem my new pants, but otherwise we’re all set to go. We’re trying out a new, lightweight kind of backpacking. We’re bringing only the bare essentials, and the lightest of that. This means that my parents spend a bunch of money to get the same stuff we already had, but lighter. It seems silly to me, but their new backpacks are super cool. With everything in them, minus water, our packs are about 20 lbs. That’s super light. This means that we’ll be able to go further during the day than usual. But it’s not that intense of a trip, so it really means that we’ll have more time to do little dayhikes or chill at camp.

We’re going somewhere in the UP of Michigan.  We’ll be hiking pretty much right along the shore of Lake Superior the entire time.  And if we’re not, we’ll probably be able to see it.  Big things aren’t really what impress me.  I prefer the little lakes of the Boundary Waters.  Probably because I am little myself?  But Lake Superior is beautiful.  It has a lot of history to it.

We’ll staying in a hotel the next two nights on our way up.  Then three nights, four days of backpacking, and a hotel the last night.  We drive all the way back home on Monday the 30th.  We’ll probably have internet access at the hotels, so I’ll blog then.  And I’ll be writing in my little travel journal during the trip.


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