5/25 Run

I’ve decided to stop calling them “easy runs.”  Even though that’s what it says in my training log, it’s just to distinguish the length and pace.  They’re only easy compared to my other runs.

Since there weren’t any real interesting places to run, and we didn’t want to run on the road if we didn’t have to, we ran the trail that we’re planning to hike tomorrow.  Since we’ll be starting at the other end, I guess we ran the trail we’re hiking out the last day on.

It was super cold!  Mom kept saying that she told us that it would be this cold, but both my dad and I didn’t really compute it in our heads.  It was freezing!  But we stuck it out and went for a run anyway.  I think we would have gone crazy otherwise.  We had just finished a five-hour drive.

I wore what I usually wear, running shorts and a tank top, but I wore a long sleeve running shirt over that.  For the first part of the run, I wore some knit gloves my dad lent us, but then I got too hot.  I started off at a brisk pace, pretty fast my mom said.  I was leaving her in the dust.  But the cold air made my asthma worse, and I literally had to stop and take a breather before I could run anymore.  My mom was really good and right away was coaching me through breathing.  I took it easy after.  My pace was way slower than usual.  My mom said that was okay because it was trail running.  It was really hilly, and if I were running faster, I would probably trip over a root or a rock or something.  I actually did twist my ankle.  It still hurts a little.  The trail was really muddy in places.  We’re right on the shore of Lake Superior, and it’s “waterfall city” my mom said.  They’re just bunches of little trickles, but it muddies up the path pretty bad.  I’ve broken in my trail running shoes for sure!  My dad went further on the trail than we did, and he says that it gets much worse.  I’m not looking forward to hiking this part of the trail in the rain this Saturday.  I didn’t turn around right at 15 minutes, because I saw a hill up ahead, and I really wanted to take it.  We went alllll the way to the top of the hill without stopping, and that was our turnaround.  At about 18 or 19 minutes I think.  Since the total was 34 something, we had a negative split!

Overall, it was a good run.  Both my mom and I were considering passing on this run and taking the day off, because it was so gosh darn cold.  But we were both glad we stuck it through.  It was nice running with my mom too.  It was a while since we’d run together.  And, in the end, I was still leaving her in the dust.  That made me feel better about starting out slow.


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