Long Drive Day

I got to bed pretty early last night, comparatively.  So it wasn’t too hard to get up in the morning.  Though I did appreciate my cup of french press coffee.  We got breakfast from downstairs in the hotel, and ate it in our rooms while watching HGTV.  I had a waffle and a danish and home fried potatoes.  Not the healthiest, but we’re on vacation.

Since we had a five hour drive today, we thought it was smart to look up a trail to hike to break it up.  My mom found a really good one right in the middle on the way.  It had something to do with logging, I think.  It was along a river that they used to float logs down.  It was really nice getting out hiking again in the North Woods.  I had forgotten how much I missed this environment.  The pine trees, the rivers and lakes, the way the topsoil is so thin there’s lots of rock showing, the lichen, the trilia.  It smells like home.  We weren’t trying to make time or anything, so we paused a lot to check out the river or take a side trail.  We ate lunch partway through, which was just a cliff bar.

I slept in the car for most of the day, but I did get some reading done.  We also started listening to A Prayer for Owen Meany, by John Irving.  We’re going to listen to it together on the trail.  The way that works is we all download it onto our ipods, and then we start and stop it at exactly the same time.  We’ve done it before and it’s really nice.  Gives us something to talk about.  I also got a call about a job I applied for.  I was actually out of service when they called, so they just left a message.  But they wanted to set up an interview.  I figure if they want an interview then that means they’re hiring and I might actually get a job!  It’s a pretty sweet place, with an arcade and waterpark and everything.  And it’s really close to our house.  With that and the substitute position at the YMCA, I might actually make some money this summer.

After we settled in at our little motel room in Munising, we went out for a run.  After we got back we went and had dinner and felt like we’d earned it.  Our waitress was really cute.  Since they didn’t have much for vegetarian food, they let me make up a sandwich.  I had lettuce, onions, sauteed mushroom, and swiss cheese on toasted whole wheat bread with french fries.  It was really good.  My parents got fish.  It was really nice for the most part, but we were right next to the bar and there were people being noisy and obnoxious.  But they didn’t get that bad until we were right about to leave.  Over dinner we discussed shortening our trip to three days, two nights, and just hiking further on the last day.  The reason for this is that it’s really cold, and the forecast says it will rain on Saturday.  We weren’t looking forward to a cold rainy night.  Tomorrow morning we’re going to re-do our reservation at the Visitor’s Center to say that we’re camping in different places, and we’re going to get a hotel reservation for Saturday night.

We went to the grocery store afterward to by plastic bags to keep our feet warm and dry.  It sounds silly, and I think I’ll feel a little silly wearing plastic bags on my feet.  But it’s so much better to feel silly than to be cold and wet.  We also got latex kitchen gloves for our hands.  It’s by definition waterproof, right?  After that we walked around town a little.  I regretted not grabbing my winter jacket back home, but I just put my hood up and my hands in my pockets and I was fine.  It was nice wandering around the little town.

We finished watching Panic and ate brownies for dessert.  I finished reading Shadow of the Hegemon and called a friend while walking around outside.  It was really dark by then, and cold and windy.  I found a playground and swung on the swingset.  And I walked out on a dock and sat out on the end and looked at the lake.  I mean, it was really dark and there wasn’t much to see, but I imagined it stretching on forever.  Then I laid down on my back and looked up at the stars and felt the wind on my face.  I felt like water, like I was the surface of the water just feeling the wind and moving along with it.  It was amazing to see the stars again.  I could never see the stars in California because of all the air pollution.  It was so amazing to see the stars again.  I feel so big and so small at the same time.  I can’t even describe how the night sky makes me feel.  Breathtaking I guess.

Now I’m just laying in bed, feeling tired, which is surprising.  I think I’m getting back into a normal sleep rhythm.  This will be my last post for a few days.  I think this will be a good trip, if cold.


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