Uff Da!

I am sore and tired and ready to be back in my own bed in Wisconsin.  Right now we’re in a hotel in a little UP town on the shores of Lake Michigan.  I’m not going to write about my whole trip now.  But I did journal every day, so maybe I’ll copy that and edit and add to it.  It was a great trip though.  Beautiful views of Lake Superior, sheer cliffs, and sandy beaches.  In just one little section of lakeshore, there were so many microclimates.  Some areas muddy and swampy.  Others were obviously sand dunes a long time ago, and just have some plants growing on a thin layer of topsoil.  Sometimes we were walking right on the edge of the cliff.  The whole trip seemed like a geology and ecology lesson.  It’s making me remember why I’m in school in the first place.  When you’re in the city all the time, and just reading about ecology in textbooks, sometimes you forget what’s actually out there in the wilderness.  The North Woods is my favorite place.  Specifically I love the Boundary Waters, but the whole North Woods is where I feel at home.  Something about the familiarity of the smell of the pines or the lake or something.  It’s where my heart lives.


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