Gross and Sweaty

Date Distance Time Pace Comments
31 May 3.26 35:00 10:44 Elliptical

Whoo! I did an actual workout for the first time since I got back from my backpacking trip. The main reason I took a day off yesterday — besides that I need a day off every once and a while — is that the bottoms of my feet are really sore from hitting the ground so much. It really gets to you after a while, I swear. I was really afraid of running outside and hurting my feet and having a miserable workout. So I ran on the elliptical trainer instead. My mom just got back from her run, so she walked on the treadmill and watched Due Date with me. We were watching it as a family, but my dad didn’t like it that much. I think it’s alright.

It was a lot harder work than I thought it would be.  And my feet still hurt.  My medial arches hurt so much!  I think there’s something about the way my feet are when I’m running that stretches it.  It was a really hard workout, but it was nice having my mom with me to listen to my whining.  And the movie was distracting.  It was actually toward the end that I was starting to feel good, instead of plain exhausted.  I probably could have actually gone for longer…but I didn’t want to.  Now I’m gross and sweaty in my room.  But I feel really good.  Not running makes me cranky, and I’ve been cranky all yesterday and all today, so I think I’m going to feel better now.


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