Dr. Buckley

I did some research on Dr. Buckley, and one of the things I found was that the other people who work there — nurses, receptionists, etc. — are not necessarily trans-friendly or get what trans means.  I figured I would call up the office, just to get their own take on the issue.  I think I got the same secretary as I did last time, Mariah.  She’s super nice and takes all the time needed to explain everything.  She said that, since Dr. Buckley works in a bigger place and does not practice privately, that she does not have control over who else works there.  I would be likely to be called by my legal name and be called she and stuff, but because the other people who work there don’t understand.  But what Mariah said was that Dr. Buckley herself is really good and does try to talk to others in the office and does her best to make sure that everything’s comfortable for her patients.  I think I would be okay with that, especially since Dr. Buckley seems really cool.  She went to Mayo Medical School, and she was friends with my parents.  The only problem is that she’s not on my insurance’s list of preferred providers.  The only plastic surgeon that is works at the same place my dad does — which isn’t preferable for privacy reasons — and I don’t think he does trans surgeries.  I think I’m going to call my insurance company and see how it works if you want to see someone who’s outside the network.  I don’t think there’s a big chance that it will get covered though.  I’m getting better at not getting my hopes up though.  This makes me a lot more happier overall, even if things don’t go perfectly.  And talking to Mariah just makes me in a good mood all around.  She’s really great to talk to.

Edit: Made an appointment for August 9th!


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