I broke my Don’t Buy Anything Ever rule and went shopping!!  😀  I did need to buy pants, because I’ve gotten a little chubbier, and I only had one pair of pants that fit comfortably.  And those were pretty huge and had a big hole in them.  This all came to a head when I had my job interview yesterday.  I didn’t have a nice pants or nice shirt to wear.  I ended up wearing some pants that were really tight and uncomfortable, and a button-up girls shirt.  So I decided it was best to go shopping.  I went to Goodwill first, because the last time I went to a thrift store I found awesome things, like overalls.  A lot of my favorite clothes were used.  The pants I got there were a little small though.  They will fit great after I work out more.  I got a few pairs of shorts too, because I really don’t have any shorts that fit, which sucks in the summer and in California.  I got a button up shirt.  It was plaid and short-sleeved, so not the best.  But it was nice and super cheap.  I also had to get socks.  They were a dollar a pair!  Two are argyle, and two look like they’re shoes!  I walked around to see if there was anything else awesome, and I found — wait for it — sparkly leopard print Chucks!  And fire Chucks.  It couldn’t be helped, I had to get them.  I also got a Hershey’s bar in line.  I spent about $30 in total.

Since I couldn’t find good pants that fit right, and no good shirts, I went over to Kohl’s.  Things were so much more expensive there!  I got some Tony Hawk pants that came with a belt.  They fit great on my waist, didn’t look like I was wearing pants that were too big for me, could be rolled up to my knees without looking weird, and can be worn with Chucks.  Perfect!!  And they were 60% off.  I also kinda stole a belt.  It was on another pair of pants and red and black check.  *shame*  I then went to the boys’ section to see about nice shirts.  I was going to get a white or blue one, but then I saw the combo shirt tie things.  There was a black shirt with a pink clip on tie.  As with everything else I bought, it couldn’t be helped.  I also got some underwear at Kohl’s.  That’s what I always end up running out of before I do laundry.  I got some soft briefs, because the ones I have now are a little small and I wanted more for running.  And I got soft comfy patterned boxers.  I spent over $60 and bought so much less than I did at Goodwill.  Ah whatever.

Then, since I was already buying things, I drove all the way across town and got myself some bigger gauge earrings.  They’re wooden spirals.  $36



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