6/6 Intervals

5 x 0.5 mi at 9:30 | recovery time = half interval time | 5 min warmup and cooldown

My first intervals run!  I did it on the treadmill upstairs where I could see outside to the creek.  I watched 24 for the first time.  It sucked because there were no subtitles and they say everything so breathy I couldn’t really understand what they were saying.  But it was dramatic and energizing!

I totally could have run faster than 9:30.  Mom said I was smiling.  “If you’re smiling during your intervals, you’re not running fast enough.”  I knew this, but I figured it was better to run slower and have a good run, than run faster and be miserable and feel exhausted.  Figuring out times and distances was annoying, but manageable.  And mom was around to cheer me on and help me keep count.


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