6/10 8-mile Long Run

This run felt soooo good! I was looking forward to running – instead of dreading it – during work, which I think really changed my attitude. Also, it was pretty chilly. I wore the long sleeve shirt I got at the Huntington Beach run. It’s light and breathable, perfect for the temperature. After days and days of really hot runs, it was really refreshing. About at 3.5 miles, someone painted in big capital letters across the road “ACID.” Mom and Dad say that there’s a worn “4:20” as well, which doesn’t make sense because 4:20 is when you smoke weed. I had to go over and down a big hill right before 4.0 miles. Then I had to turn around right away and do it again. I was really pushing myself, speed-wise. I didn’t feel like I was trudging along, I really felt like I was going somewhere! I also ran a little different mentally. Usually I try to focus on the present second, and just think about the trees or my book and stuff. But this time I focused on the present mile. All I needed to do was to get to the end of that mile. That made me run faster, which made me get there faster too.


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