6/13 Intervals

5 x 0.62 at 6.5 mph | 9:15 pace | 2 min recovery | 5 min warmup and cooldown

This run felt really good.  I felt like I totally couldn’t run that fast at the beginning, so that was good.  But it did become easier and easier, once I got the hang of it.  I put the fan on medium, I was that sweaty.  I watched Minority Report with Tom Cruise, which is a really good movie to run to.  The last few intervals were during a chase scene, which was perfect!  My cooldown would have been longer, but I didn’t feel like jogging during a chase scene.  I tested out my new binder.  It’s breathable and has less material in the back.  Worked out pretty good.  I felt manly.  And I could breathe!  I decided Minority Report is film noir, based on what I learned in my class Detective in the City.  I was thinking about the interesting coloring.  How it is very similar to the images the precogs give.  That made me think how it was kinda fuzzy in a way.  You can’t see everything clearly.  And that is because of the blinding bright light, which is a characteristic of noir.  I guess it’s a misnomer?  The only thing they got wrong is that it should have been set in LA.


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