I’m Back!

Okay, so I’ve been a bit of a slacker on blogging for the past week, but I promise you I wasn’t a slacker on anything else.  I’ve been working 7-8 hour shifts at the waterpark, which really exhausts you, I swear.  The first day I didn’t blog was when I went to the psychiatrist at Mayo.  It was just really hard, because I had to talk about how fucked up I was for two and a half hours.  I still don’t think that I’m in an emotional state to blog about it yet.  I’m doing pretty good though.  The current diagnosis is Borderline Personality Disorder.  I hate the name.  I don’t think my personality is disordered.  Geez!  But I like the treatment.  They increased my zoloft, since it was working and there were little or no side effect, and they prescribed a sleep aid.  They want me to do this “Dialectical Behavioral Therapy,” so we got a workbook.  It’s sort of about mindfulness and dealing with overwhelming emotions.  Whatever.

My job’s really fun though.  We rotate every 20 minutes, so it doesn’t get too boring.  And there’s frequent breaks!  And it’s fun to talk with people my own age again.  Everyone’s really nice!

My sleep aid is kicking in, so I’m gonna snooze.


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