I know I haven’t made a post in a while, so I’m not going to pretend I’m going to start updating regularly again. I might, especially since I finished all my library books. I need a new series.

One of the things about me is that I suck at baking. I don’t know how it happens, but it’s a disaster every time. I made cookies last weekend and they stuck to the pan because I couldn’t find cooking spray. They chipped coming out. I once forgot that I had put cookies in and went for a run, so they were in there for a hour. Yikes! My worst one was when I made cupcakes. I filled them up too much and they overflowed. To try to catch the dripping cake-ness, I but a cutting board underneath the pan, since it was big and flat. Turns out plastic melts. I made awesome plastic art and a mess in the oven.

But I still keep on baking. It was my dad’s 47th birthday a couple weeks ago, and we haven’t had the time to celebrate it. My dad’s the man who doesn’t want anything, so he’s the hardest to shop for. I decided to get him a bag of pistachios and make him a cake. Tomorrow I’m going to buy some pistachio gelato! I’m making the cake right now while my parents are asleep, since they’re home all day tomorrow, and there’s no way I can make a cake that secretly. I went and bought everything all by myself. I got those number candles! I found a cake pan, and I found the cooking spray at long last! I got a bowl and started putting all the ingredients in, and…I put too much water in. I wasn’t paying attention and put two cups of water instead of one and a third. You can’t take something out of the bowl when you’ve put other stuff in already. That’s called entropy. So, I just did everything else right — and ate lots of the mix since it was yummy and chocolatey — and hoped for the best. And it came out okay!!! I put a fork in and it came out clean!! So now I’m just watching King of the Hill and waiting for it to cool so I can frost it and decorate it. It’s gonna be the best Dad’s Birthday ever!


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