My name is Argo.  I am a rising junior at a college in southern California.  I am living with my parents this summer in Wisconsin.  I want this summer to be great and productive and I want to grow as a person.  To that end, I am writing this blog to document all the exciting and interesting things I get up to here.  I have problems with anxiety and depression, so I’m planning to get on top of that.  I am an FTM transgender man, which is a part of my life, but not all of it.  I am seeking medical transition — hormonal replacement therapy and chest surgery — but it’s not the most important thing.  I am a biologist with a focus in ecology.  I enjoy camping, and there is a special place in my heart for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.  There is a lake there called Argo Lake, for which I named myself.  There is also a dog named after this lake, owned by my boss when I worked at a summer camp.  I also have many dog-like qualities — I am eager to please, I love unconditionally, I love to run, I am fun to pet, etc.  I am actually a human though, so do not get too confused.

I have made blogs before, usually with a specific purpose or subject.  My first was specifically about gender.  I started it soon after I first asked people to call me by my new, male name.  That one sorta trailed off and ended when I realized that my life was much more than my gender and my thoughts about gender.  I had a lot of other things to focus on, and I wasn’t thinking so much about gender anymore.  My next blog was to record my adventures in Costa Rica when I went there for a research project.  I tried to make a post every day, with what we did.  When I was thinking more about gender again, specifically about physically transitioning, I started a video blog on YouTube.  I think that one ended because I didn’t want to make a video unless I really had something to say, and also because my mood was really unstable during that time and I didn’t have the motivation.  The reason that this blog is different is that I can write about anything.  Gender, running, thoughts in general, what I did today, anything.  My goal is just to post at least once a day.

I am Argo, hear me bark!


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