6/7 Run


6/13 Intervals

5 x 0.62 at 6.5 mph | 9:15 pace | 2 min recovery | 5 min warmup and cooldown

This run felt really good.  I felt like I totally couldn’t run that fast at the beginning, so that was good.  But it did become easier and easier, once I got the hang of it.  I put the fan on medium, I was that sweaty.  I watched Minority Report with Tom Cruise, which is a really good movie to run to.  The last few intervals were during a chase scene, which was perfect!  My cooldown would have been longer, but I didn’t feel like jogging during a chase scene.  I tested out my new binder.  It’s breathable and has less material in the back.  Worked out pretty good.  I felt manly.  And I could breathe!  I decided Minority Report is film noir, based on what I learned in my class Detective in the City.  I was thinking about the interesting coloring.  How it is very similar to the images the precogs give.  That made me think how it was kinda fuzzy in a way.  You can’t see everything clearly.  And that is because of the blinding bright light, which is a characteristic of noir.  I guess it’s a misnomer?  The only thing they got wrong is that it should have been set in LA.

First Day on the Job!

At 1:00pm I went in for my job interview at the YMCA.  The building’s like a hamster maze, it’s so hard to find your way around.  It’s a lot more official and professional than the waterpark was.  The interview had a lot more “what would you do if” scenarios.  Like first aid, dealing with troublesome patrons, etc.  It was kind of grueling.  Then was the water skills portion.  Which was also kind of grueling.  Right away I had to swim 500 yds.  That’s back and forth ten times!  And I had already run today!  Right away after I did that, I had to demonstrate holds on a mannequin.  Then she threw the mannequin in the pool a couple times and I had to rescue it.  The pool was a lot deeper than I thought.  I ended up having some serious breathing difficulties.  And my ears hurt a lot from the pressure!  Once I couldn’t get all the way down to save the mannequin, and had to come up for air.  It was super embarrassing, but I figured it would be better for me to breathe than the mannequin.  I made an executive decision.  Even after that, I still got hired as a substitute lifeguard!  I got a shirt and everything!

At 4:00pm I had training at the waterpark.  I first had to fill out all the paperwork.  I-9’s and W-4’s and emergency contacts and all that.  It was a bit of a pain.  I spent a lot of the time chatting with the other people there.  Some were lifeguards, many were managers of some sort, I think.  They were very friendly and were asking questions and we were chatting.  It was really cool, since I hadn’t done that in a long time, chatting.  I only just now realized that I’m kind of terrified because I’m so out of practice making new friends.  I’ve been reading Be Different by John Elder Robison, and I’m seeing more and more of my Asperger’s-like traits.  It’s exhausting to think about my social flaws.  I’m sure it will be okay though.  I spent most of the time shadowing one of the supervisors, who was just lifeguarding then.  I learned about all the stations, what the rules are.  I learned about the slides, which was awesome!  I can’t wait to go down.  He says it wears off after a while, but for now the place is so exciting!  I was good with asking questions.  I left at 5:30, even though I could have stayed longer, because I had orientation at the Y.

At 6:00pm I had orientation at the Y.  I’d talk more about it, but I’m poop and I have to get up at 5 tomorrow morning.  It was really boring anyway.  I did earn money today though.  Yay!

6/7 Run — Hot!

I ran earlier in the morning because I had a bunch of work stuff going on in the afternoon.  I somehow woke up at 5 in the morning, again.  The forecast was a high of 97 degrees, and it was already getting up there by seven or eight.  I took off about at 9am.  It was still so hot, but I ran anyway.  I am now listening to Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind.  The first part of my run felt really good.  I was picking my knees up good.  No slogging here.  But as the run went on and the heat kicked in, I started slogging.  At least I did it though, right?  I think that’s an accomplishment for sure.  I had a little taste of throw up in the back of my mouth.  This was before the run too.  No idea why, but it’s gross and I kinda felt sick.  This was part of the reason I made a conscious effort to take it easy and not push it.  This wasn’t the day to be throwing up on the side of the road.  I knew that I might be at chance for some sort of heat stroke, especially with running.  It was really nice to have my run done in the morning.  It’s a big thing that I need to do every day, and I’m always having to mentally prepare throughout the day.  “Oh, yeah, I still need to go for a run.  Can’t forget that.”  But now my thoughts were more along the lines of, “Hey, I already got my run in!”

6/6 Intervals

5 x 0.5 mi at 9:30 | recovery time = half interval time | 5 min warmup and cooldown

My first intervals run!  I did it on the treadmill upstairs where I could see outside to the creek.  I watched 24 for the first time.  It sucked because there were no subtitles and they say everything so breathy I couldn’t really understand what they were saying.  But it was dramatic and energizing!

I totally could have run faster than 9:30.  Mom said I was smiling.  “If you’re smiling during your intervals, you’re not running fast enough.”  I knew this, but I figured it was better to run slower and have a good run, than run faster and be miserable and feel exhausted.  Figuring out times and distances was annoying, but manageable.  And mom was around to cheer me on and help me keep count.

6/4 Six Mile Long Run

I ran friggin’ six miles! This was a really hard run because I was hurting emotionally, and I don’t think crying makes you run any faster.  But mom says that it’s not how fast that you’re going on a long run that matters.  I could have cut it short, since I was feeling so awful, but I didn’t!  So, I did it, I guess.